Fashion Makeup

Whilst studying towards my HNC Fashion Makeup, I was required to create a look titled Summer Blossom. I was given this title by my lecturers, this is the only information I received and the idea was to be what I envisioned when I thought of “Summer Blossom”.


The first thing that sprung to mind for me was the Cherry Blossom tree. I always loved how they all blossomed at the same time creating a beautiful cloud like arrangement of pink flowers. I decided to create a makeup, hairstyling and body paint based on flowers. The look I went for was very pure and angelic looking, with a braid crown laced in flowers. In addition to this my model was to wear white clothing and glowing makeup.


I decided to use the Cherry Blossom trees which line the side of the River Cart in Paisley as my location for shooting, along with an archway made from branches located in the nearby Gleniffer Braes. The shoot was planned for the 28th of March 2017, with model Megan Kavanagh and photographer Imogen Chappell.

Summer Blossom

Below are some images from behind the scenes of the shoot and some of the finished images from the photoshoot, showing the overall concept and look. If you have any questions on queries, get in touch using the contact form or leave a comment on this post and I will respond back to you.

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