HND Makeup Artistry Graded Unit

While studying towards my HND in Makeup Artistry at West College Scotland in Paisley, I had to create a makeup including Prosthetics as my final exam, called the Graded Unit. I titled my Graded Unit King Beyond The Wall.

The Night King

I created a makeup based on The Night King from Game of Thrones. I feel that the makeups created by the creative time for Game of Thrones are some of the best I have seen, with The Night King being the most impressive Prosthetic makeup application. The first time I saw The Night King I knew that I wanted to have the chance to recreate this incredible artistry.

Game of Thrones

I first started by researching the background of this character and how they came to be. The story told in Game of Thrones is that a race called The Children of the Forest created him. They stabbed one of The First Men through the heart with a dagger made from Dragonglass. As a result of this, The Night King was born. While I was creating my character I elected to recreate this scene, showing a human man bound to a tree before being stabbed and his eyes changing from brown to ice blue.


Something that I also wanted to focus heavily on was the personalised handmade aspect of my design, all of the costume and props were made from scratch by myself. The backdrop for my set came to fuition by connecting 3 10ft tall plywood boards, which were wallpapered with a snowy forest design. In addition, I collected branches which I spray painted partly silver and partly black. And used battery powered spotlights shining up the back of the boards casting shadows of the twigs, creating an ominous effect.


The prosthetic pieces where created by sculpting oil based clay on to a stone face cast, I then built a wall of clay around this and filled it with stone, creating a negative mould of the shapes created with the clay. After this, I then filled it with silicone and left to dry whilst pressed to the original face cast, so the prosthetics would stay in the shape of the face. Once the silicone prosthetic was dry, after this I used cap plastic and painted a very thin layer around the outside of the prosthetic pieces. This would allow me to bleed away the edges of the prosthetics making it look more realistic and help blend into the skin.

King Beyond The Wall

A lot of hard work and dedication went in to the making of this. Although I saught inspiration from The Night King from Game of Thrones, I wanted to put my own unique spin on it. I believe that by showing him as being more human than what he is in the Television Series it would make him look more realistic and eerie. Because knowing that he was once an ordinary person and is now a creature similar to an undead ice zombie was even more terrifying!

From Start To Finish

If you’d like to see some images of the process, there is a slideshow of some of the images underneath. I loved creating this character and above all, feel immensely proud knowing that I designed and created every aspect!

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