Makeup By Rach at Doors Open Day

An employee of Renfrewshire Council, who works in Paisley Arts Centre contacted me back in May 2019. They were organising the events for Doors Open Day in the Arts Centre and was looking to have a local artist to come to work within the facilities. They asked me to do some animal face painting and small special effects wounds & cuts.

I loved the idea of this and agreed to work at this annual event, set to take place on Saturday the 7th & Sunday the 8th of September 2019. Sunday was the day we chose for me to come along. There was some other activities also running in the Arts Centre including an introduction to British Sign Language (BSL) where children and adults could learn a few animal related signs!

On The Day

I arrived to set up at Paisley Arts Centre just before 12pm on Doors Open Day. A member of staff led me into a room with large mirrors surrounded by lights, making it perfect for doing makeup. This is the Dressing Room for cast and crew of performers that use the Auditorium.

It is almost impossible to estimate how many people will show up with events like this it is. We also had no idea how many would want to have their face painted/makeup done! The first hour was fairly quiet, with a steady stream of kids coming and going. Then all of a sudden there was this huge surge of people coming in the the Arts Centre. Before I knew it there was a queue of 16 people waiting to have their makeup done by me!! It was crazy! I worked as hard, efficiently and quickly as I possibly could to try. I managed to work my way through the queue, ensuring every child got a turn. After a mad few hours it was all finished and I completed the very last makeup and all the kids got to go away happy.

I always enjoy working with children. Kids always have such crazy stories and explanations behind why they want to have that animal/character/wound done. Seeing their faces light up when they look in the mirror makes all of the stress, sweat, back aches and ruined clothes so incredibly worth it!!

Work That I’ve Done

Some pictures of the days creations are down below. Unfortunately I was limited in the amount of pictures I could get, due to the nature of the event. During the day I was asked for such a large variety of makeups / face painting. It surprised me every time a child sat across from me as I had no clue what they would ask for! The most popular animal face paint requests were butterfly, tiger, wolf, cat and leopard.  I was also asked for Spider-Man, Pennywise, Anonymous “The Hacker Mask” face paint, black eye, cut face, animal scratches, and so much more!

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