For my final grade of HNC Fashion Make-Up, I was asked to choose a brand and create 3 looks representative of that brand. I had to research the history of the brand, their ethics, philosophy, their most popular trends, looks and products. I then had to plan 3 complete looks, including hairstyling, makeup and clothing. I decided to choose Dior as my brand, with my first look being inspired by Christian Dior’s first collection, which launched in 1947, featuring the iconic “Bar Suit”. My second look was a smart/casual, going out look, taking inspiration from runway collections, making sure it was modern and fashionable. My third and final look was a red carper glamorous look, inspired by the Spring/Summer 17 Collection.The first look I created was on model Martha Mcphee, the make-up was a classic vintage glam, with flawless skin, black cat eye liner and bold red lip. For the hair I smoothed out my models short black bob and for clothing I dressed her in a white peplum top, with matching peplum jacket, black A line skirt with tulle underskirt, white pointed heels, long black gloves and vintage jewellery.For my second look I chose a high smooth bun, with flawless, bronzed and highlighted skin, keeping a warm glowing tone throughout. The clothing I dressed the model, Lucy Stokesley, was edgy and fashionable, with a black lace bralet underneath a black, mesh top, black tulle skirt and chunky black heels, paired with simple jewellery.Creating the third and final look took a lot of planning and preperation time beforehand, with the outfit being made from scratch by myself, it was a pink silk and tulle dress with a twisted cross over back, this was paired with black and gold jewellery as an accent colour. The hairstyle was done by curling all of my model, Tia Mann’s hair , then pin curling it until we got to our shooting location. I used gold glitter, bold lashes and nude lips to create the makeup, pairing it with bronzed skin with golden highlight.The first two looks where shot in Paisley, using the inside and outside of Paisley Town Hall and Paisley Abbey, with the third look being shot in photographer Stewart Wilson’s Home Studio. Below are a gallery of images of each look, I hope you have enjoyed reading a little about the work that went into these photos and if you would like to know more about this project, you can get in contact with me through commenting below or filling out a contact form.

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